CPE Graduate, Melanie Mills-Bergers

We want to congratulate Melanie Mills-Bergers (Shawnee County Emergency Communications Center) with her completion of the CPE Program with APCO International.

This is an intense program that helps Leaders in our industry improve their skills.

The Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program consists of two 12-week online courses and one nine-day capstone course at APCO headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida.

We are very proud of you, Melanie! (Back row, 3rd from left)CPE graduate Melanie Mills-Bergers

“This is a challenging program that engages 911 professionals both in an online forum and then a 2 week capstone seminar. The professors and staff at APCO International have been an integral part of the class success throughout this 6 month program.
The program is highly challenging with weekly course work and is a true test to your time management skills. It required me to think on levels I had not done previously. I would highly recommend this course and found it to be empowering, engaging and truly life changing in many ways.”—-Melanie

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