How to Engage Your Legislators

Hello everyone- We are passionate about the 911 community in Kansas and we want to help you all learn how to be the voice we need to get the new Kansas 911 Act Draft to pass at the next legislative session.

The 911 Coordinating Council has been working hard to make this happen but they need our help!

They will be hosting a Webinar “Lunch and Learn” on November 29th from 1200-1300 hours. This is a web conference being presented by Josh Michaelis on “How to Engage Your Legislators.” If you can not attend the presentation it will be recorded and shared on the 911 Coordinating Councils web page.

Meeting Wall:
US Toll Number: (518) 530-1840
MeetingID: 912-550-374

It is important that we share our stories of how we struggle as the 911 community to keep up financially on the new technology and other expenses it takes to help save lives.

For more information you can contact Lori Alexander at

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