Confirmed Conference Class Information

Hello everyone- We are on the eve of Flash Day and the conference committee has been working hard on confirmation of classes to share with you. The list below is the description of what you can expect and we will have much more. We don’t want to share something that isn’t confirmed by the instructor yet. We hope this will help you plan to attend the Spring Conference. We also still need any nominations that you have pending for the Telecommunicator of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Director of the Year, and Team of the year (none submitted for the team yet). We also need any Years of Service Recognitions that are pending. The Years of Service is not a one person will win award…anyone that has put in 30 years or more and has submitted the paperwork will be recognized.

Confirmed classes

  • Toni Dunne – Making the transition to RTT in 911
  • Mark Peterson – PSAP Performance Metrics
  • Terry Burnworth – Sustainable Dispatch
  • Terry Burnworth – Social Media Deployments in the PSAP
  • Terry Burnworth – Don’t be a Dinasaur – LMR to LTE Transitions
  • Terry Burnworth – Tail Wagging the DOg
  • JL Ellis (KSCIS 1 hour and Exercise 4 hours)
  • Kelsy Smith Act – general session
  • Missing and exploited children – 4 hours Wed
  • APCO Board Meeting (agenda item – NENA)
  • Roundtable Discussion (4 hours back to back of different size PSAP – find a board member)
  • Kelly Chess – suicidal callers
  • Kate Dorsey – Overcome challenges in the ever-changing dispatch center

Flash Day Registration will start tomorrow morning at 8am central time. We hope to see you in Mulvane! If you have questions or concerns please contact Secretary Becky Snook at or call 785-738-7822.

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