2020 Board of Officer Candidates

The Fall 2019 Conference is coming up soon and we will be having an election for the Board of Officer’s.

This year we have 4 positions up for election.

2nd Vice President, Secretary, Executive Council Rep. and Member/Commercial Member Liaison.

Please read the following candidates Bio’s that will be up for election.

Emily Papa, Dickinson County
Kelly Chess, Jefferson County
Becky Snook, Mitchell County Communications
Marcie Bristor, Sumner County 911
Michele Abbott, Hutch-Reno

The election will take place at the Business Meeting on Wednesday, October 9th at 8 am in the Council Bluffs room. You must be a full voting member to cast your vote. Each candidate will have the opportunity to give a small speech at the banquet Tuesday evening.

It is not too late to run for a position on the board. You can go to the Election of Officer’s page to read more about the process and requirements.