Awards and Life Members

We would like to thank the Colorado APCO Chapter leaders for continuing to be our voting partner for our award nominations.

2021 Award Winners: Team of the Year

Director of the Year, Andrea Davis, Colby Communications

Line Supervisor of the Year, Sonya Baeza, Douglas County

2021 Telecommunicator of the Year went to Vickie Holt of Sumner County


2020 Telecommunicator of the Year went to

Terrence Silvia of Mitchell County! 

2019 Telecommunicator of the Year Went to

Janea Fleming

2019 Director of the Year, James Tweed of Jefferson County

James Tweed with Kelly Chess (APCO 2nd Vice President)

2019 Line Supervisor of the Year, Erin Harrell of Shawnee County

Erin Harrell, Supervisor of the Year 2019

2019 Team of the Year- Rice County Emergency Communications

L to R: Danette Fletcher, Stephanie Sigler, Cecilia Villanueva, Julissa (Landeros) Reyes, and Sasha McDilda Not pictured: Marci Heath

Past Kansas Telecommunicators of the Year                                 

2018 Mary Rothchild, Jewell County Sheriff’s Office 2017- Tiffany Vo, Sedgwick County Emergency Communications 2016- Heather Gerhardt, Shawnee County
2015 – Shinita Rice, Sedgwick County
2014 – Julia Holland, Sedgwick County
2013 – Elizabeth Scott, Shawnee County
2012 – Shawnee County (prior to Team Award)
2011 – Michelle Matson, Andover Police Dept
2010 – Karen Barnett, Lane County
2009 – Heather Farney, Hutchinson/Reno County
2008 – Gary Forbes, Hutchinson/Reno County
2007 – Toshia Hoover, Kiowa County
​2006 – Diana Dover, Harvey County
2005 – Lisa Weers, Miami County
2003 – Don Gruver, Harvey County
2002 – Shelly Haskins, Hutchinson/Reno County
2001 – Kristin Gill, Sedgwick County
1999 – Liz Sauerwein, Harvey County
1998 – Kim Pennington, Sedgwick County
​1997 – Linda Staats, Sedgwick County

Chapter Life Membership

Becoming a Chapter Life Member is a great honor. If you know of someone who deserves this honor please read this Life Member policy and fill out the APCO Life Member score card to return to the Board for review.

Michele Abbott; Received at the Spring 2009 Conference

Kenny Easterly (left); Received at the Fall 2009 Conference

Mary Messamore Received for many years of dedicated service as the Kansas Chapter Executive Council Rep.

Lance Royer; Life Membership Spring 2016 Conference





Elizabeth Phillips;  Life Membership Fall 2018 Conference

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