Fall Conference Schedule

2021 Kansas Fall APCO Conference

November 8th-10th, 2021

Copy of the PDF schedule can be found at the following link. If you need it emailed to you, please request it by emailing Becky at bsnook@mitchellcountyks.gov


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Fall 2021 Instructor Bio’s

Adam Timm began his 17-year career in public safety as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Los Angeles Police Department, where he spent over a decade under the headset. He left the LAPD after founding his training company, The Healthy Dispatcher, to provide classes and conference sessions to 9-1-1 dispatchers across the country. Adam’s energetic presentations and uplifting message have made him one of the most highly regarded speakers in the 9-1-1 industry.

Front Line Leadership: Leading From Where You Are

You may think you’d be more successful if callers weren’t so annoying. Or if your supervisor weren’t such a jerk. Or the work wasn’t so stressful. The truth is your success is determined almost wholly by the level of your own emotional intelligence. This session dissects the critical importance of emotional intelligence, how it applies to your daily work life and offers ways to improve your emotional intelligence immediately.

The Resilient Mindset: How to Thrive in 9-1-1

Over the life of a 9-1-1 telecommunicator’s career, chronic stress symptoms including emotional numbing, avoidance and isolation, and hypervigilance can erode one’s ability to remain alert and impartial while also providing excellent customer service to callers in need. With the strategies and perspectives taught in this interactive session, participants will be able to combat feelings of job-related burnout, curb their complacency, and continue making a difference in the lives of each caller.

                        ANA-CHRISTINA HICKS Career Resilience Coach Trainer | Speaker | Author


BURNOUT’S KRYPTONITE: Instant Resets for the Tired Superhero. BE. BETTER. FASTER. There’s simply too much at stake. Burning out is not an option. Instant Mental Reset. Quick Emotional Rescue. Burnout’s Kryptonite. Create capability. Enhance Endurance. Promote Preparedness. Leverage your brain-body connection for dramatic resourcefulness. Simple, powerful tools for instant results.

RADICALLY RESILIENT LEADERSHIP: Resuscitate your life. Losing energy? No work-life balance? Lost your passion? Resuscitate. Your. Life. Building work-life integration for more effective leadership – because you’re a leader regardless of your title. Real-life tools to maintain balance in the midst of chaotic jobs and schedules. Bust the stress. Boost your energy. Boost your balance. Powerful tools to weather life’s storms.

Brenda Forrester will be presenting “Kansas Based Queries – Beyond the KS Car Stop”

Brenda Forrester is a Program Consultant (PCI) with the Kansas Highway Patrol CJIS Unit. She began her career with KHP in 2007 as a Communications Specialist (CSI) in the Central Communications Center.  From 2009-2014, as a CSII, she assisted in training new dispatchers for the Kansas Highway Patrol.  In 2014, Brenda was promoted to the CJIS Unit, where she currently serves as a CJIS Trainer & Auditor for 24 counties in southwest Kansas.  In addition to NCIC/TAC training, Brenda also provides other specialized courses created by the CJIS Unit, such as Violent Person File, NSOR, Protection Order File, NICS, III usage, NCIC Entry, OpenFox Tips and Tricks, and BLECO.


Mike Babcock, ECS

Johnson County Emergency Communications

“I have had the pleasure of working in Johnson County since, January of 1997.
I have a total of 32 years in Fire and Ems and the Dispatch arena, I enjoy smoking meats and hunting, Spending time with my wife of 25 years and our 4 children”

Stress Busters- How Goal Setting Can Help

We all have stress, sometimes we don’t even realize it. This short time together we will discuss how goal setting can help us alleviate
a lot of that stress. In the long run, goal setting will help us in the long run.

Josh Michaelis currently serves on the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council representing PSAPs with a population of less than 75,000.  He also chairs the KS 911 Coordinating Council’s Operations Committee.

Josh is also the Director of Rice County Emergency Communications in Lyons, KS.  He has been working in the PSAP for 25 years from being a frontline telecommunicator, supervisor, & his current position.

Rapid Deploy User Roundtable

The Rapid Deploy Roundtable discussion will focus on future feature updates along with the opportunity to discuss lesson we’ve learned since implementing Rapid Deploy in 2019.

Marc Gramlich, Emergency Services Outreach Leader

I joined General Motors in 2019, after spending more than fifteen years in the public sector working for Monroe County Central Dispatch in Monroe, MI. My most recent role was Director of Operations. I have also served the Michigan Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) as President, currently serving as Immediate Past President, and I have earned my Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and Center Manager Certification (CMCP). My time in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) has allowed me to build a strong relationship with public safety throughout the state of Michigan. In my role with OnStar, I have been growing those relationships throughout North America and strengthening the bonds we currently have in place. Working to educate not only public safety, but the frontline staff of the ECC’s about the capabilities of OnStar is of great importance to me. I have been working on NextGen9-1-1 deployments to better understand how OnStar can improve contact with the ECC when relaying vital information. I am a Michigan native and I attended college at the University of Toledo and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. My wife Jennifer and I have two daughters and a son that keep us extremely busy, but we enjoy camping trips in the summer and fall/winter getaways to northern Michigan!

Roxanne Van Gundy (Roxy)

Lyon County Emergency Communications Center

Van Gundy is the Director of Lyon County Emergency Communications Center and a 16-year veteran of emergency communications. She serves as the current Kansas NENA Chapter President and is the Co-Chair of national NENA’s Wellness Committee and is a member of NENA’s Development Steering Council. Van Gundy is an APCO certified CTO and is an instructor for IAED.


Supervisor Roundtable

– How to overcome normal supervisory struggles.
– Being a leader people want to follow.
– Pouring into yourself also – you can’t pour from an empty cup!