RPL Questions and Answers

Does your Chapter have a Historian? If no, who maintains records?
The Chapter Executive Person (AKA Member and Vendor Liaison) has the responsibility of Chapter Historian. Some of the records are held with that officer, and some are held by the Secretary.

Where is our Chapter Charter located?
The Chapter Secretary has the charter.

When was the Kansas Chapter actually established?
The original Charter was issued on August 15, 1955. A second Charter (reason unknown), was issued on June 15, 1976.

Has anyone ever compiled a complete listing of all past officers for the Chapter? When was that list last updated? Is a copy of the list available for the Chapter Members?
The Chapter Secretary maintains and updates the list. You can find the list at History of Executive Board of Officers – Kansas APCO Chapter (ksapco.org)

Without referring back to any membership directory listings, has anyone from the Kansas Chapter ever served as an Association-Level APCO President or Board of Officers?
None that are known.