We are excited to provide this recognition to our 911 Professionals that have put in 30 years or more of service. This recognition is given at our Spring Conferences. If you or an employee has served in the 911 profession for 30 years or more, please submit the following form. They will be recognized at our Spring Banquet with their peers. This will be a 1-time recognition. Each Nominee will be given a free banquet ticket to attend. When registration is open, more tickets can be purchased for family or co-workers. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve!

2020 Years of Service Recognition

Myonne Borst, Pratt Police Department 40 Years of service!

2019 Years of Service Award Winners!

Not pictured but was honored- Liz Sauerwein Harvey County Emergency Communications-30 Years of Service and Liz Phillips KU Public Safety-42 Years of Service. This inaugural year for this award was awesome! We hope that it continues to be a success each year. Thank you all who submitted the nominations and for those that attended to be honored.

The Kansas APCO Board has developed a new Years of Service Recognition award for our Telecommunicators in Kansas.

This award was developed through the chapter Secretary Becky Snook who recently went through the RPL (Registered Public Safety Leadership) course graduating January 2019. One of the assignments was to make up an award for our state chapter. It was not required to be implemented but the Secretary thought it should be brought to the Board of Officer’s attention to see what they thought of it. The Board met yesterday and all liked the idea.

This recognition is for any Telecommunicator that is currently employed in Kansas in good standing or who has retired in the last 12 months that has been a Telecommunicator for 30 years or more.

If you have an employee, co-worker, or yourself has put in that many years as a 911 Professional we would love for you to join us at our Spring 2019 Conference Banquet in Mulvane to receive a plaque and recognition. We all know that it is a huge commitment to your community, department and our industry to stick with it for that many years. Your banquet meal will be paid for by the APCO Chapter. This will be a one time ability to receive the recognition. You will also be recognized on our web page as a recipient of the recognition.