Kansas APCO is a chapter of the International Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials, an organization focused on the enhancement and enrichment of public safety.  APCO International serves the needs of public safety communications practitioners worldwide – and the welfare of the general public as a whole – by providing complete expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach. Our KS APCO Constitution & Bylaws have recently been updated. We encourage you to read them and give us feedback. The apcoPolicyManual2016oct11 is also a good resource to refer to.

The Kansas Chapter was formed on April 8, 1955, after the MO-KAN APCO Chapter separated into their respective state chapters (see details of the decision in the May 1955 APCO Bulletin).  The Kansas Chapter was first led by President H.O. Byers from the Wichita Police Department.about us pic

Members of Kansas APCO include anyone involved in public safety communications, including 9-1-1 dispatchers, call takers, and administrators, police chiefs, fire chiefs, and EMS directors, and members of the private industries that support emergency communications.  The purpose of the Chapter is to represent communications agencies in legislative matters related to emergency communications, to provide guidance and leadership to its members, and to offer training and networking opportunities.

If you are not a member of APCO, we invite you to join us and see what we have to offer.  If you are an APCO member, we encourage you to run for a position with the board and get involved with representing this community of public safety professionals in Kansas.

The Kansas APCO Chapter “home” is where the current chapter secretary is at. As of September 26th, 2022 we have 577 active members.