Confirmed Conference Class Information

Hello everyone- We are on the eve of Flash Day and the conference committee has been working hard on confirmation of classes to share with you. The list below is the description of what you can expect and we will have much more. We don’t want to share something that isn’t confirmed by the instructor yet. We hope this will help you plan to attend the Spring Conference. We also still need any nominations that you have pending for the Telecommunicator of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Director of the Year, and Team of the year (none submitted for the team yet). We also need any Years of Service Recognitions that are pending. The Years of Service is not a one person will win award…anyone that has put in 30 years or more and has submitted the paperwork will be recognized.

Confirmed classes

  • Toni Dunne – Making the transition to RTT in 911
  • Mark Peterson – PSAP Performance Metrics
  • Terry Burnworth – Sustainable Dispatch
  • Terry Burnworth – Social Media Deployments in the PSAP
  • Terry Burnworth – Don’t be a Dinasaur – LMR to LTE Transitions
  • Terry Burnworth – Tail Wagging the DOg
  • JL Ellis (KSCIS 1 hour and Exercise 4 hours)
  • Kelsy Smith Act – general session
  • Missing and exploited children – 4 hours Wed
  • APCO Board Meeting (agenda item – NENA)
  • Roundtable Discussion (4 hours back to back of different size PSAP – find a board member)
  • Kelly Chess – suicidal callers
  • Kate Dorsey – Overcome challenges in the ever-changing dispatch center

Flash Day Registration will start tomorrow morning at 8am central time. We hope to see you in Mulvane! If you have questions or concerns please contact Secretary Becky Snook at or call 785-738-7822.

Flash Day Reminder

Hello everyone- I wanted to send out a Flash Day reminder for you all. Registration will open next Wednesday, February 20th.

Spring 2019 conference logo for our shirts.

Members can register for $80 (regularly $100) and Non-APCO Members for $100 (regularly $125). This savings is for this day only and must be paid for by credit card/debit card on PayPal on the same day. If you have any problems please call the Secretary, Becky at 785-738-7822 or email After your registration form(s) are completed please go back to the registration page and select the correct PayPal box with number of registrations you want to pay for. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account. You can check out as a guest.

The hotel block and information will also open on this day. Hotel room price will be $90 per night for queen or king rooms. The direct link with the hotel block will be provided on the hotel information page on February 20th.

We will have some classes and meeting opportunities on Monday starting at 8am. We will have dedicated commercial industry partner (vendor) time all Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

The Commercial Partner registration is already open and the form has been activated on our Commercial Industry Partner page.

More information and draft schedule will be shared as soon as it is available.

Please remember to get your submissions in for Telecommunicator of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Director of the Year, and Team of the Year by March 15th. The new Years of Recognition award is also due by then.

Update on many items

Hello everyone- I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us but we wanted to get our first meeting of the year completed so we can give you a full update. We have several items to update on so please be patient with this potentially long blog post.

First item up is that our Spring Conference Committee is still looking for some volunteers for presenting at our Spring Conference. The date for Call of Presentations has been extended to February 20th, AKA Flash Day! If you would like to present a class to the attendees go to this link and fill out the form.

2nd item is that the Committee has come up with a theme for the conference of “Heart Beat of Public Safety”. The team is working on the official shirt design and hope to share it soon. You will love it!

Our Keynote speaker will be from the Kelsey Smith Foundation. We are happy to have them come and share Kelsey’s story and help us maybe learn something from it. It will be an honor to have her parents attend our conference.

3rd item is the Telecommunicator, Director, Supervisor and Team of the Year awards. If you have someone in your department that deserves this recognition please send in a nomination for them. You can find out more information and the forms here.

4th item is a new recognition that has been developed called the Kansas APCO Years of Service Recognition Award. If you have an employee, co-worker, or recently retired with 30 years or more of service as a Telecommunicator…this is for you! We would like all nominees to be available to attend the Spring Conference Banquet on April 2nd, 2019. This will be at the Kansas Start Casino. The banquet ticket for the nominee will be paid for by the chapter. The nominee will also receive a plaque from the board and do a small speech for each nominee. Full information and the form is located at the above link. We hope that we get many nominations to honor. Each nominee will also be recognized on this website after the conference with a picture of them and their plaque.

5th and final item is a notification of our Fall Conference. The Kansas Fall Conference will be held October 7th-9th, 2019 at the Prairie Band Casino in Mayetta.

Thank you for sticking it out through this long update. We are hoping to see some nominations coming in for all awards and recognition as well as some volunteers for instructors at our conference. Don’t forget about FLASH DAY coming up on February 20th. You can find all conference information here.

Telecommunicator of the Year Award

Hello everyone! We hope that you have all survived the Christmas holiday season. As we look into our 2019 year the top of our list is accepting nominations from you all from the 2018 year. The winners will be recognized at our Spring Conference in Mulvane, April 1st-3rd, 2019. Please go to the Telecommunicator of the Year Nomination page for the forms and further information at  All nominations are due by March 13th, 2019.

We hope that you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

Sincerely, The Kansas APCO Board!

Spring 2019 Conference Information

Hello, everyone! We wanted to give a brief update on our planning for Spring 2019 Conference. We know that the holiday time is a very busy time but we have had some questions about our Spring 2019 Conference planning.

Our conference will be at the Kansas Start Casino, Mulvane on April 1st-3rd, 2019. If you would like to do a presentation at our conference please go to our Conference Call for papers here and fill out the form and return by February 1st, 2019. The full instructions are on the form. 

Flash Day will be February 20th, 2019. If you have any questions prior to that date about registration please call the Secretary, Becky Snook at 785-738-7822 or email her at You will get a great savings by enrolling your staff on this date.

We will be working on all of the other details in the next few weeks and will update the conference page as we get it finalized. Please follow our blog or Facebook page, or PSConnect for updates. 

We hope that you all have a safe holiday season!

How to Engage Your Legislators

Hello everyone- We are passionate about the 911 community in Kansas and we want to help you all learn how to be the voice we need to get the new Kansas 911 Act Draft to pass at the next legislative session.

The 911 Coordinating Council has been working hard to make this happen but they need our help!

They will be hosting a Webinar “Lunch and Learn” on November 29th from 1200-1300 hours. This is a web conference being presented by Josh Michaelis on “How to Engage Your Legislators.” If you can not attend the presentation it will be recorded and shared on the 911 Coordinating Councils web page.

Meeting Wall:
US Toll Number: (518) 530-1840
MeetingID: 912-550-374

It is important that we share our stories of how we struggle as the 911 community to keep up financially on the new technology and other expenses it takes to help save lives.

For more information you can contact Lori Alexander at

2018 Fall Conference in Review

What a great week it has been! We had an awesome turn out for our Fall Conference that was co-hosted with the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council. The conference committee did a fantastic job bringing us great training and social networking opportunities.

Some highlights of our time in Salina:

  1. Monday training and meetings
  2. Monday night social with games, snacks and good conversations
  3. Keynote Speaker Nathan Lee from the Denise Amber Lee Foundation on Tuesday.
  4. Our Tuesday lunch time entertainment was Trooper Ben from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Educating us on his experience as one of the “Tweeting Troopers”.
  5. Many great breakout sessions Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.
  6. Tuesday night banquet where we honored our newest Kansas Life Member, Elizabeth Phillips. We followed our meal with some entertainment by a comedic magician.
  7. Lots of great prizes that were donated to our event.
  8. Wednesday we followed up with more great classes to include Tai Chai for dispatchers, responder to responder training brought to us by the 10-33 Foundation.
  9. After lunch on Wednesday we had more breakout classes and our Fall APCO Board of Officers Election where our Treasurer Lori Alexander was re-elected and Marie Athearn became our new 2nd Vice President for 2019.
  10. Our biggest prize of the conference was a 39 inch tv won by Derek Schmidt.

We had 141 attendees and 51 of them were brand new to our conference.

Please check out our Facebook page for pictures and posts throughout the event.

We can’t thank our Committee members, sponsors and instructors enough for all that they do to make this happen. We can’t wait to see you all again in the Spring!

Spring 2019 Conference will be held April 1st-3rd, 2019 at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane. A committee is currently being formed to assist with this conference. Please contact the 1st or 2nd vice president to sign up for the committee.

Thank you all for coming!

Updated training opportunities can be found here.

Special Business Meeting Announcement

apco logoWe have a special announcement for our first Business Meeting on October 8th, 2018 from 1400-1600. We will be meeting right after the NENA chapter meeting to announce a Life Member nomination for Elizabeth Phillips from KU Public Safety. We will be voting on this nomination at this time. This meeting will be in the Earhart room at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Salina. If you would like to show your support for this nomination, please feel free to attend. Only full members can vote. The reason for this early meeting is so that we can honor Liz at the Banquet on Tuesday night.

A 2nd business meeting will be on Wednesday October 10th from 1300-1400 to finish up our conference items. The agenda for each meeting will be posted later this week.

We Have an App for That

Hello Friends- We hope that you are all getting pumped up for our conference starting next week!

We are one week away from our pre-conference day and we wanted to share with you information on our App for the Fall conference. The Salina Area Chamber and Kansas APCO are sponsoring the app. If you would like to see an app considered for future conferences we need to see that it will get used. The app will include schedule, bio’s for instructors, social media links, and some special offers from Salina Area Chamber.

You can download it to your phone or other mobile devices. Go to the link above to find out download instructions.

Meet the Chapter Officer Candidates

We have two candidates that has submitted their declaration of candidacy as a Chapter Officer. The positions that are up for election are 2nd Vice President and Treasurer.

Meet the Candidates!

The 2nd Vice President Candidate is Marie Athearn.


Marie Athearn is a results driven community service professional that is dedicated to public safety and has been committed to excellence in emergency communications for 18 years. Marie started her career in 2000 as a police dispatcher and call taker. She transitioned to fire and EMS and has continued to grow with her current emergency communications center. In 2007 Marie certified as a Registered Public Leader (RPL) with APCO. She maintains her certification and continues to expand her knowledge and grow personnel within her organization. Marie has worked her way from a call taker/dispatcher to supervisor to Operations Manager, and is currently the Deputy Director Of Operations and Communications Services with Johnson County Emergency Management and Communications. She is consistent in her approach and always an advocate for positive change for 911 staff, processes, and systems. Her commitment is to efficient and effective 911 processing that strives to be seamless in how we interconnect agencies and technologies that support 911.

The Chapter Treasurer is currently Lori Alexander and she has submitted her declaration for re-election

lori bio pic

I am the 911 Liaison with the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council, where I among many other things research NG911 and provide guidance and training to Kansas PSAP personnel. Prior to joining the 911 Council I worked for Douglas County Emergency Communications for 18 years in various roles from dispatching, call taking, training officer, supervisor and Deputy Director of the 911 center. While at Douglas County I served as the President and Secretary for the Division One User’s Group. I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. In 2015, I obtained Certified Public Manager through Kansas University. I have been an APCO member since 1998 and a NENA member since 2014. In my personal time I serve on the board for the ARC of Douglas County and I just recently became the treasurer with Jefferson County Rural Water District #10. I understand the importance and responsibility of the role of a treasurer with the funds that belong to the members. I have been your Kansas APCO Treasurer for the past two years and would love the opportunity to continue to serve as your treasurer.

Any APCO Member can submit a declaration of candidacy up until the Election on Wednesday October, 10th at the Business Meeting at 1300-1400. You must have an application submitted at that time.