2021 Spring Conference Information

Spring 2021 Conference will be Virtual on April 14th, 2021.

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Spring Conference will be free to all Kansas 911 Professionals.

All sessions will be recorded and available for watching with no expiration date. no limit on replaying the sessions.  

Out-of-state registrations will be $25 per attendee and will be billed directly after the conference.

Registration is now OPEN!

Instructor Bio’s

Keynote Session: Halcyon Frank with The Dispatch Lab–The Power of the Encouraging Moment–LIVE

Halcyon Frank with The Dispatch Lab-Train, Don’t Tell –LIVE

Halcyon Frank with The Dispatch Lab-Creativity in the Comm Center–LIVE


Troy Cordle with RapidSOS– When Next Generation Becomes Now: What’s next? Live

This session will share how public safety leaders across the country are utilizing life-saving data from sources such as Apple, Google, Uber, MedicAlert, and more to enhance emergency response and allocate resources more effectively. 9-1-1 professionals will leave with a clearer understanding of how to receive, train for, and utilize and what we have learned from this life-saving data. NG911 is no longer the next generation, it is now!

 Jamie Algatt with RapidDeploy—NIMBUS (CAD) Training–LIVE

  Terry Burnworth with Pyramid Consulting—Dispatch Paradigms: The Next Generation Dispatcher-LIVE
Public safety dispatching is in the midst of a paradigm shift on a national level – from blind telecommunicators listening to voice-only, to importing text, data-centric systems such as AI, AR, ML and 5G technology live-streaming information into the center from various nodes for processing.  Additionally, social media platforms will require training, including active-scene information. Dispatchers know it’s no longer about just answering a phone – new technology, training, and information systems are forcing a paradigm shift in the profession. Centers will need to prepare for this continuing fundamental change in the basic concepts and exploratory practices of the dispatching discipline.

Roxanne VanGundy with Lyon County– Don’t Build a Roof: Figuring Out Your Why and Where it Could Lead You–LIVE

Sometimes the biggest hurdle in our careers and in our daily life is ourselves. Stop building roof’s on top of your life. Don’t limit why you are here.

 Doug Showalter with Showalter & Company, INC- Dispatching During Civil Unrest–LIVE

Over the years there have been varying degrees of social unrest, some even targeting police stations, and other public safety facilities, including Communications Centers. If you have never prepared for an assault on your center, you should add it to your Emergency Operations Plan. Considering the overall safety of your center is critical to providing continued communications throughout difficult or challenging times. The safety of your crew is essential to maintaining operational integrity and peace of mind. Those at work and/or those coming or leaving work could be unintentionally placing themselves in a substantially precarious situation. Although the structural and security of your building and operational equipment, including backup systems, remains critical, much more important is the overall safety of your employees. Your employees must have faith in the security of your office because the fear and anxiety experienced by 911 personnel who may be facing social unrest can and will have an impact on their performance and operational functionality. Planning for these types of emergencies should be included in a well-rounded emergency operation plan which covers all the facets for providing safety and security to your employees. It is about time we all prepared for these difficult events that can impact the feeling of safety for your employees.

 Cassie McManigal with Salina Tech– Dispatch Liability- Whose problem is it anyway?

Liability, responsibility, duty…..who takes the blame? By working in public safety we automatically assume responsibility every time we have an interaction with the public. This presentation will break down who is responsible for what and when, what protections we and are owed, and what we can do to minimize any unnecessary responsibility.

 Cassie McManigal with Salina Tech– Teaching and Training the Adult Learner.

We know what topics and skills need to be taught, but how do we teach them so that learning, or training, is not a chore? Adult learners are a breed of their own, and when they’re our co-workers, the waters can get muddy. This presentation will cover the four main types of learners and best practices for instructing adult learners in a professional environment.

 APCO Business Meeting will also be included in this conference date. Information on how to join will be shared soon.

We will also be featuring a Round Table discussion on our efforts on First Responder Designation in Kansas.


Fall 2021 Conference information

2021 Fall Conference will be held in Manhattan, Kansas on November 8th-10th, 2021. We know it is a holiday week but unfortunately, the only two opportunities we had with this facility were a holiday week or during a time when many commercial partners would not be available. We will have a Commercial Exhibit Hall in the Fall. We will also be honoring our award winners and holding elections during this conference. Call for papers form can be found here.

We could not have our conferences without our partnerships in our industry and the sponsorships they provide us. We can not thank them enough! 


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