A new Kansas 911 Act draft has been developed and available for review and comment.

To review the proposed draft you can find it here Kansas 911 Act Draft (2019 v2).

Please submit comments to Lori Alexander at lori.alexander@kansas911.org. Your comments will be recorded and reviewed by the Council during a web conference on November 2nd, 2018. During this meeting the Council will review comments received and take action on each. The draft bill will then be edited to incorporate any suggested edits that the Council approves and then forwarded to the reviser of statutes for preparation of the bill for submission to the legislature. A log of all comments received and action taken on each one by the Council will be prepared and distributed to all stakeholder groups. Comments from the general public are also being solicited through the Public Square website. The deadline for submission of comments is October 26th, 2018.

For more information you can go to 911 Coordinating Council web site.

Legislative Chair
Michele Abbott
Hutchinson/Reno County 911

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