The greatest strength of the Kansas Chapter of APCO is the knowledge, talent, and dedication of its members. There is no greater reflection of this than to be exhibited by those who seek the election to the Kansas Chapter Board of Officers.

Service as a member of the Board is an honor that carries with it, awesome responsibilities. Before a member commits to being a candidate, that responsibility must be clearly understood and appreciated, not only by the candidate but by his or her employer.

A candidate’s employer must have a keen awareness of the value of the Chapter’s mission, the honor of APCO service, and the strong support the candidate must have to effectively serve as an APCO Officer.

This support is manifested in many ways which include, but are not limited to, the need for the employee to be able to be away from his/her employment for APCO Business Meetings. Attendance at the annual conference, Executive Committee Meetings, on-site reviews, and other functions is imperative.

If you are interested in serving, download the Declaration of Candidacy and submit it to the KSAPCO Board.

Each year, the position of 2nd Vice President is open for election.

The Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Council, and Vendor Liaison positions are two-year terms.

The 2nd Vice President serves for a one-year term, then automatically advances to 1st Vice President. The 1st Vice President serves for one year, then moves to Chapter President. After one year of service, the President moves to the position of Past President for the final year.

The duties and responsibilities of each position are detailed in the bylaws.

Elections are held at the annual fall conference.