APCO International, KS 911 Coordinating Council, and many other 911 Professionals are working hard to help in the momentum in this new 911 SAVES Act that Congresswoman Torres has stepped up to fight for our reclassification. The bill is known as the 911 SAVES Act, or the 911 Securing Accurate Views of Emergency Services Act of 2019.

APCO International has shared with us a link to give you in support of this. If you go to https://www.apcointl.org/government-relations/take-action/
It’s written so that anyone can send a message to his/her U.S. Representative.  It’s quick, easy, and effective.  (When there is a companion bill in the Senate, which we expect soon, we will be back in touch with a next call to action directed at U.S. Senators.) You can also add your personal message to the form.

We hope that you participate in this movement to improve our professional recognition. Thank you for taking the time to support this bill.

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