Have you ever needed to track a cell phone to save a life?

As a 911 Dispatcher have you ever had the frustrating problem of trying to get an accurate exact location on someone missing but all you get is a radius area?? We have just the class for you at our Spring Conference!!

The Washington County Undersheriff has figured out a great way to use specific questions with the cell phone company and plug into another program for a more accurate location that you can do yourself in the Dispatch Center.

We all want the best outcome for missing people and he is willing to share his knowledge in a class at our conference on Tuesday April 2nd.

To register please go to http://www.ksapco.org for more information. We have many other great classes lined up and we want to share all that we can.

2 thoughts on “Have you ever needed to track a cell phone to save a life?”

  1. Will information about this eventually be posted on this site? Or possibly on the council’s site?

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